Top Security Measures for Small Businesses

Update your business security measures

Security is paramount to any business or company. Employees, assets and equipment should be safe from the fear of theft and damage. Unfortunately, many business owners overlook the safety of their company until it is too late.

We recommend undertaking a risk assessment and evaluate any potential risks that your business may have.

Here are the best methods to put in place to ensure physical security

  1. Security Guards: a fully qualified security guard can patrol the area and detect any signs of intrusion. They will also be able to authorise all employees entering the building.
  2. CCTV: surveillance cameras are great to keep an eye on vulnerable areas such as gates, cash offices and entrances. Find out more.
  3. Access Control: this minimises the risk of unauthorised access to different areas of a building. Access control complies with security technology of access control policies.
  4. Secure the Perimeter: high steel gates with strong padlocks and chains act as a great deterrent. It is also important to check for holes in the fencing as this allows access to unauthorised people.
  5. Strong Locks: Deadbolts and mortice locks are the best option on all exterior doors. Don’t forget window locks. Click here.
  6. Install an Alarm System: a modern system is designed to sense, decide and act in a number of events. Best options.
  7. Key Policies: do you have an up-to-date key control policy? Think about how many doors are accessible via mechanical keys. If something does missing in a room, you have no log of who has entered the room.