Top 10 Modern Lighting Solutions

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We have created a listed of the best modern lighting solutions that you could incorporate into your home! Lighting makes such a difference to any building and is something that should be carefully thought about. For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Contemporary Rooflights

There are a few different options for skylights for your home!

  • Fixed Rooflights available in both stock and bespoke sizes
  • Opening Rooflight for Flat Roofs Our electrically opening rooflight perfectly complements our fixed range.
  • Modular Rooflights Combine Fixed and Opening elements side by side.
  • Walk On skylight with decking
  • Walk-On Rooflights

Energy Saving Spotlights

One of the questions we are always getting asked is: “can I get low energy bulbs for my inset spotlights / ceiling lights?” Inset ceiling lights are now really common in kitchens and hallways, and although they may only be 30 or 40 W each, the sheer number of them tends to mean that together they burn a lot of energy. Find out more information.

Low energy spotlights are available, but they are very varied in quality, and it’s hard to know which ones are any good without buying some and testing them. See information regarding design.

LED lighting

You might have come across LED lights, which use very little power (maybe only 10% of the energy normal bulbs use). They’re probably going to be the future of lighting, since they produce loads more light per watt of energy used than other bulbs.

For only a couple of Watts you might get the light-equivalent of 15-20W of a halogen and produce hardly any heat. LEDs also have very long lifetimes and can last as long as 80,000 hours. Click here to shop LED spotlights.