Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Make Your Home Greener

There are two main factors and benefits that homeowners consider when attempting to make their home greener. Not only will employing eco-friendly solutions to your home help the environment and reduce your carbon footprint, it’ll also make your home far more energy efficient.

“As energy companies continue to hike up their prices for energy supply, UK homeowners are looking for more ways and solutions to cut down their ever-increasing bills.”

To refurbish your home you will first need to dispose of things you have that will no longer be needed

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This step is essential when planning to refurbish your home as it allows you to then think of what will be needed to make your home more eco-friendly and welcoming.

Here are three popular eco-friendly solutions for UK homes.

Rubber Roofing

In the UK, studies show that over 25% of heat escapes through the roof because of poorly insulated materials used. In the winter, our traditional roofs are vulnerable to the cold and wet weather that gradually damages and weakens the structure.

Rubber Roofing is compromised of an EPDM rubber membrane that is placed down by a long-lasting adhesive. Unlike traditional roofs, a rubber roof is expected to last in excess of 50 years and it’s 100% recyclable.


Installing Solar Panels

Solar panels are a dependable solution for relying on Earth’s source for pure energy, the sun. Installing solar panels on your roof will help decrease your electricity bills drastically.

The benefits solar panels offer is a key reason why more UK roofs are being covered with solar panels. It’s dependent on a renewable energy source, it greatly reduces electricity bills and their maintenance costs are lower than you think.


Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is a process that involves installing an insulating material between the walls of your home. The government recommends that cavity wall insulation is the most efficient way of reducing energy loss through walls, which can account to up to 35% of escaped heat.

It is predicted that cavity wall insulation can save you around £150 to £200 on your energy bills. Installing cavity insulation is estimated to cost around £600, meaning you’ll be profiting from your investment after a few years.