The Best Architectural Pools in the World

The hidden gems from which you can sculpt your own private oasis.

There aren’t many of us who wouldn’t want a private swimming pool in their back garden. Unfortunately it’s also no secret that here in the UK we aren’t blessed with the best weather.

This factor alone does not stop us from having them built, but does tend to limit our creative flair, with the majority of us settling for a traditional lap pool.

We’ve extended our search globally to bring you our favourite home swimming pools from around the world, each offering its own twist on the wow factor.

If you’re thinking of relocating to sunnier climes, or simply feel brave enough to take the plunge in blighty, consider these top 5 aquatic havens to help aid your inspiration.

Shaw House, Vancouver

This single person residence, which is only 8 metres wide, manages to still boast its own pool, and in a rather spectacular way. Located on the roof of this humble sized dwelling, it is the ultimate example of compact, luxurious living.

With a glass floor, the pool becomes viewable to those in the living quarters below making it a quirky alternative to the in-home fish tank, although with the house being so small, it’s debatable as to whether or not you’d have the space for spectators to even come and view your underwater antics.

Glass bottomed floor at Shaw House in Vancouver

232 West 15th Street, New York

At first glance, this looks like a fairly common indoor pool. However, on second inspection you realise that there is nothing common about it at all.

This swimming pool is located in the living room of this Chelsea townhouse. In one corner of the room and you will find comfy armchairs and a wall-mounted flat screen TV, just as you would in the majority of modern western homes.

However, turn around and you will be faced with an 8ft deep, 15x30ft pool, complete with swing. It holds a hefty 30,000 gallons of water and the current owners even enjoy the luxury of taking their pet dog and turtles in for a splash around.

Not your average Chelsea townhouse in New York